Experts in OTC trading automation - making markets work better

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• Using EDGE - the OTC derivatives trading system for exchanges, brokerages and banks

• Delivering OTC solutions across multi asset classes, inc Fixed Income, Commodities & Equity Derivatives.

• Enabling our clients to migrate from voice-based trading to hybrid or wholly electronic trading.

• Creating compliant liquid marketplaces

Baymarkets unique proposition is:

Technology - EDGE - the most advanced OTC trading system available

  • Unique OTC trading functionality - agile, scalable and configurable
  • Designed for speed to market with the highest ROI

People - Recognised experts in creating and growing OTC markets

  • Specialists in the latest technology and development techniques.
  • Unparalleled experience of voice, hybrid and wholly electronic marketplace solutions

Client base - Operating at the forefront of OTC trading

  • Trading in Fixed Income, Commodities, Equity Derivatives and other asset classes.
  • Including IDBs, brokers, banks, exchanges and screen-based marketplaces.

Product Benefits:

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EDGE enables you to capture OTC trading volume and drive liquidity onto your exchange or clearing house. In production since several years with the Norwegian Stock Exchange, and with Cleartrade Exchange. Approved for MTF use by Norwegian and as RMO with Singaporean regulatory authorities.

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Brokerages use EDGE to migrate to hybrid broking, to increase efficiency, client stickiness and grow markets.                                  

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With benefits for the buy and sell side, Banks and Bank consortia can use EDGE to increase their distribution or capture internal liquidity.


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Partners we work with:

EDGE's open architecture encourages rapid integration with the systems you rely on including our clearing and valuation partners.

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