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Abaxx Commodity Exchange and Clearinghouse is live with clearing system from Baymarkets

Updated: 6 days ago

LNG ship at sea

Abaxx Commodity Exchange and Clearinghouse announced Friday June 28th the launch of its physically-deliverable liquified natural gas (LNG) and carbon futures contracts.

Abaxx goes live with the clearing system from Baymarkets and we are very excited about our common future together as partners in the commodity space. Congratulations to Abaxx and the best of luck going forward!

Abaxx have partnered with leading technology providers including Exberry, Baymarkets and Eventus, to offer robust, scalable, secure trading and clearing solutions. In addition, Abaxx provides industry-leading tools and services for market participants, who are supported by their exchange and clearing Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), which include Fidelity Information Services Ltd.(FIS®), ION, Trading Technologies (TT), and CQG.

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