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Oslo: Junior Elm developer wanted for FinTech industry

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

About Baymarkets

Baymarkets AS own and develop Clara - a clearing system used by CCPs providing clearing and settlement services.­ We sell Clara as a licensed and tailored product to CCPs around the world, and provide development, maintenance and support of the Clara system.

The development team consists of five developers and one product specialist. Clara has been in production since 2010 and has since been in continuous development.

About Clara

Clara integrates with many exchanges and marketplaces and connects to a trade feed from these trading systems. The trades are fed into the system and then netted into the portfolio of the client. Clara calculates the portfolio risk resulting in an amount which the client is required to post as collateral to the CCP to cover potential risk. The portfolio is settled in cash and/or securities when settlement date is reached.

Clara is written in Java with loosely coupled functional modules where Apache Camel is used for inter-module communication. We use MySQL database, ActiveMQ, Spring and Hibernate.


We currently have a legacy web front end, but we have started to write our new front end in Elm. We want to replace the old front end step by step with the new one by adding and designing new features based on experience with the old one. This means that we don’t want to replicate the old features but improve the existing front end with focus on usability and improved user interaction.

We use the Bulma framework for CSS/Sass, so knowledge of presentation frameworks and HTML5 is required. Interest in design, usability and user interaction is appreciated.

The right candidate has knowledge of and/or interest in the financial markets as well as personal drive and positive attitude.

As the backend is written in Java, we require Java knowledge for our candidates.

The right candidate speaks English and Norwegian.

Even though we are looking for junior developers, senior Elm developers are also encouraged to apply.

Applications can be sent to

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