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What to expect at the FIX Nordic Trading Briefing

By Peter Fredriksson, Chairman og Baymarkets AS, Norway

The 9th FIX Trading Community Nordic Trading Briefing is just around the corner and this year’s conference promises to live up to the event’s reputation for stimulating and informative discussion, with a Nordic twist.

MiFID II is on everyone’s minds and we’ll be looking at what market participants need to know to thrive in a post-MiFID II environment. But the event covers much more than that, with a wide array of issues from technology and the cloud, to commodities and clearing. A great roster of industry figures will lead the discussions and I’m delighted to be co-chairing the event for the second year and moderating one of the panels.

Kerstin Hermansson, Managing Director of the Swedish Securities Dealers Association, will give the keynote address. Kerstin, a popular and highly knowledgeable speaker, has been very much focused on MiFID II and regulatory developments.

Next, Morten Lindeman, Chief Innovation Officer at InFront, and I will talk about what’s been happening in the Nordic scene. We’ll be looking at some of the key Fintech developments and what impact we can expect them to have in the region.

One of the day’s highlights will be a session focused entirely on MiFID II, featuring Klas Granlund, Director of the Market Analysis Department at Swedish regulator Finansinspektionen. How has the regulation evolved and what does that mean for the Nordics? How will liquidity providers be impacted? How will tech innovation, data requirements and other regulatory initiatives play a part in the story?

FIX Nordics will be breaking new ground with its first-ever discussion on commodities markets in the region. It’s a market that doesn’t get as much attention as other markets but MiFID II is making a mark on commodities trading and the panel will explore the implications of that, looking specifically at trading and risk management. I look forward to moderating that discussion.

Market data is something that every market participant has to consider and one of the sessions will be devoted to this vital topic. As APA costs rise, can we expect renewed consideration of a consolidated tape? How are market data costs models changing? These are just two of the many questions this session will tackle.

The Nordics is one of the most vibrant places in the world of fintech innovation, so the event would not be complete without a discussion about FIX and fintech. From AI to cryptocurrencies to infrastructure, there will no doubt be no shortage of stimulating views.

The final session will look at a major issue from outside of the Nordics, but one which may have a significant local impact: Brexit. Will banks face new costs as the clearing landscape is impacted by this unprecedented event? There are huge question marks surrounding Brexit and we’ll aim to shed some light on what it all means for Nordic markets.

It’s an exciting line-up and I’m really looking forward to taking part, and to hearing from all of the interesting speakers on the panels.

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